Insomnia in the dream world
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This is another poem I wrote about the desperation of my drug addiction.

Insomnia In The Dream World

Two AM and I've locked myself in the bathroom
So many places why'd I choose this room?
A room made to piss and shit
The way I'm feeling I guess I fit
I don't notice the grime caked around the toilet it doesn't affect me
I'm looking at the yellow stained tile but that's not what I see
Blood stains no longer an eye sore
In fact I'm almost beging for more
Bleach on my jeans blood on my sleaves
I'm rinsing the cottons but it's just a tease
It's starting again my hands get to shaking
If I didn't know any better I'd swear the earth was quaking
Pull butts from the ash tray breaking open a few
Wondering next time will I make it will I pay my due
Will the next shot take me will it hit my heart true
Rolled up the tobacco tried to light it no fuel
So I whipped the lighter acroos the room
Cracking the mirror and giving another thought to my doom
I pick up the pieces thinking pain could now cease
No more running from dealers or police
No more of this circle no more of the same
These thoughts so vicious confusing my brain
I puncture the skin with a twist and a hex
Wondering just wondering what should come next
When blood starts to rise should I drink it in sacrament
Or write on the walls my last will and testament
The phone is still ringing, been ringing for hours
I would have gotten up to answer it but don't have the power
I sip and I cut for what seems like days
Don't know how long I've been here It's all such a haze
Blood all over, everything red and pink
As I lye here dying I notice a bag under the sink
Can't lift a finger a tear comes to my eye
If I would've just sat here I wouldn't have had to die
All this for nothing I ask myself why?
Everything becomes blue I answer "my life was a lie."